The Most Amazing Facts on Cultural Approach to Acne Read

The Most Amazing Facts on Cultural Approach to Acne Read

Acne is the most common skin disease that has become so famous over the centuries. Culture has shaped its own perception, its own view of acne. Now the cultural approach to acne has been relegated to the beliefs and traditions of each culture.

Well-known traditional Chinese Medicine promotes a great cultural approach to acne. She took her own theory of imbalance in our body, which affects blood flow by causing the conversion of energy into heat, which can lead to diseases such as acne. Factors such as a high cholesterol diet, emotional and environmental disorders can trigger this imbalance. Chinese herbal medicine, as part of Chinese culture, plays the biggest role in freeing the body from this imbalance and is an important part of their cultural approach to acne.

Another Asian cultural approach to acne is Campo, which borrowed from traditional Chinese Medicine and became popular in Japanese culture. It contains various herbs such as licorice root, angelica root, mint and more. Antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory effects of this drug prove its effectiveness and are now being introduced into modern Medicine. It also became known by other Asian cultures, including Taiwan, associated with its own traditional Medicine, as a cultural approach to acne.

In India, their cultural approach to acne is explained in Ayurveda by the belief that acne begins as early as adolescence in the puberty stage, also known as yuvana pitikas. The same goes for the scientific fact that acne is formed after the pores of the skin have been blocked, which may be due to excessive sebum production and inflammation that begins when bacteria have invaded it. Sebum production increases at puberty or menopause, which is also why not only adolescents suffer from acne. Culture recommends natural remedies as part of its cultural approach to acne.

As for modern culture, the European presents a Repechage that uses a holistic cultural approach to acne treatment. Various forms of substances from the surface of the earth and water bodies were discovered, which led to the growth of this type of cultural approach to acne. Through a series of treatment sessions and a home care procedure, both for maintenance, it is scientifically proven as an effective treatment.

At the moment, dermatological markets and clinics offer many types of treatments. You may be confused as to what to choose and how effective they are. Obviously, cultural differences bring a new cultural approach to acne. There are still many of them, but no matter how different they are from each other, treatments will still be scientifically and traditionally interconnected.


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