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Homeopathy For Acne and Skin Disorders

Homeopathy For Acne and Skin Disorders

This approach is based on ‘like cures like’. This principle believes that if certain set of substances can trigger signs and symptoms in a healthy person, the  same substances can be effective to cure similar symptoms in a patient. Thus, this approach does not believe in suppressing the symptoms of acne and rather prescribe substance that can trigger symptoms in a healthy being. This way, it enhances and stimulates the natural curative process in an organism.

Homeopathic treatment believes acne vulgaris is a manifestation of chronic issues at the root of the problem. A person practicing homeopathy will spend ample time to understand the history of your skin complaints. To understand the history, he will ask various questions related to your nature such as those related to sleep patterns, body temperature, food carvings, and bowel function. Questions related to your temperament and personality can be asked too such as how you react to certain social situations, whether you feel jealous, what makes you feel jealous, are you an introvert or an assertive, and do you get angry often.

Understanding this history is vital for a physician, to come to a conclusion about the suitable remedy to your condition that matches with your nature and personality.

How are Homeopathic Remedies Prepared?

There are defined pharmaceutical principles to prepare remedy for acne in homeopathy. Required animal and plant extracts are assimilated into alcohol trace before administering it in any patient. It is important that the remedial substances are diluted in alcohol as most of these substances are poisonous and if taken in significant amount can cause unwelcoming effects. Thus, only a small quantity is enough to trigger the self-healing response in the patient’s body.

Homeopathy has been beneficial in various patients, who had persistent and chronic acne problem. Although, various scientists are skeptical about its efficacy, saying that the benefits of an homeopathic approach is usually due to placebo effect. Also, scientists suggest that dilution of the remedial ingredients causes absence of the original substances, if they reach a certain potency. On the contrary according to the homeopathy practitioners, dilution only removes the toxic effect while  the energy of the remedial ingredient remaining intact. Statistics suggest that homeopathy offers effective remedies for most of the skin problems including skin cancer


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