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Covid-19; Can supplements bolster immunity?

Covid-19; Can supplements bolster immunity?

2.Vitamin D

This vitamin has a dual role as both a hormone and a vitamin. Most people usually have low levels of vitamin D, so it is better to have a supplement to the same. Also the human body can also make a vitamin, so you should get some sun when you can. A good start should be a 15-minute exposure to the back or torso, taking into account the risk of sunburn. Remember that vitamin D is essential for proper immune function. Adequate levels of vitamin D can help reduce the risk of respiratory infections.


Zinc is involved in the reaction of white blood cells to infections. This is why people with zinc deficiency tend to get colds and flu more easily than others. Taking a zinc supplement may be a good strategy for the elderly, as they may be at high risk. Supplementing your daily diet with zinc can help protect against respiratory tract infections and help shorten the duration of infections.

4.Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B, including B12 and B6, is essential for a healthy immune response. The fact remains that many adults are considered insufficient in them. This deficiency of the vitamin B complex can negatively affect the immune system.

5.Our Plug

So, during this Covid-19 pandemic, we have to prepare our immune system, because this is something we have never seen before. Let’s treat these moments as a training period to take care of our immunity for such future emergencies.

Good hygiene and social distancing are the key elements that will protect us from this virus. So keep washing your hands, stay at home, be safe.

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